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What were the Expeditionary Forces?
Those troops who served in the New Zealand forces in the Great War were part of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force - ultimately referred to as the First NZEF - whilst their sons and brothers 20 years later served in the Second New Zealand Expeditionary Force - 2 NZEF.

New Zealand declared war on Germany within hours of Britain's declaration both in 1914 and 1939. We stood proudly as Britain's friend and ally. New Zealanders served all over the world, and approximately 24000 lie forever in Foreign Fields.

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New Zealand Military Books is dedicated to preserving the written military histories of those New Zealanders who served in the First and Second World Wars. While we specialise in Official histories, we also stock books from other conflicts and books written by the men who served , as well as various Allied official histories and publications from Army Board documents to troopships magazines.

We have a wide range of texts available in a range of prices reflecting differences in quality.

Most first edition histories are now rare, indeed some were only published in print runs of no more than 1000. As many of the Great War texts were published over 80 years ago, quality first edition copies are to be treasured.

New Zealand Military Books is always delighted to receive enquiries regarding New Zealand books and we offer a no-obligation finding service

People buy our books for many reasons - often because a relative served in a particular campaign or regiment. Many of our books were once owned by a Returned Man - these books carry a particular significance for us as there is someting special about turning the same pages an old soldier once turned. Some texts are even annotated by servicemen, highlighting things of personal significance or correcting things they believed to be in error.

We hope you will find as much pleasure in these books as we do.

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Which Books are Official New Zealand histories?

With regard to the Great War, this is one of those difficult questions to which answers may vary! At the conclusion of the war in 1918, the New Zealand Government commissioned four campaign histories. In addition, each Regiment or Service was tasked with writting its own history based on Official documents. Accordingly, the list is rather long and some authorities would question the inclusion of some texts. The list on the Great War page linked above would be considered by most to be the definitive official list. Of course, many other defence force and unofficial publications also appeared either during the war or in the years that followed. For instance, troopship magazines, New Zealand Expeditionary Force educational material and so forth are keenly sort after by collectors.

World War Two is much easier than its Great War counterpart. The Government appointed a Historical Committee which was responsible for the publication of the Official Histories of the Second New Zealand Expeditionary Force. Again, there are additional Army, Airforce, and Navy publications that collectors seek, but the texts listed under the World War Two link above are the undisputed list!