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The NZEF saw active service in many Theatres. Within days of declaring war the New Zealand Government accepted a request from London to send a force to capture German Samoa - the site of an important wireless station. 1,500 Officers and Men carried out a bloodless landing on 29 August 1914. From these small and rather easy beginnings, New Zealand sent just over 100,000 men to war. The bulk of these men served on the Western Front from 1916 to the end of the war, leaving over 12,000 dead. however, New Zealand is probably most strongly associated with the Gallipoli campaign of 1915. Along with our Australian cousins, the New Zealanders landed on 25 April at what was to become forever known as Anzac Cove. Much bitter fighting followed with the Anzacs pinned to the rugged hills of the coast, never able to break out of the grip the Turkish defenders were able to establish. Following the evacuation in December 1915, the men returned to Egypt where they were joined by thousands of reinforcements. Early 1916 saw the Mounteds staying in Egypt to continue their battles with the Turks whilst the bulk of the troops went to France as the New Zealand Division. Some New Zealanders saw action in remote theatres such as Mesopotamia, whilst others flew or served at sea. Few areas of conflict never had a New Zealand participant

The Great War saw New Zealand lose over 18000 and in 2003 the nation farewelled our last Great War veteran.

We will Remember Them
Campaign Histories

Gallipoli ~ Waite

France ~ Stewart,

Sinai and Palestine ~ Powles

The War Effort of New Zealand ~ Drew

These texts cover the campaings in which New Zealanders served with "War Effort" containing detail on some of the "minor" campaigns along with considerable detail on the conduct of the war with regard to recruitment, training, nursing, supply etc.

Samoa Expeditionary Force ~ Smith. This represents the definitive account of the capture of German Samoa in August 1914. Smith wrote the chapter concerning this campaign in Drew.

The Roll of Honour listing the names of the Honoured Dead.
Official Regimental Histories

The histories of the four infantry regiments - Auckland , Wellington, Canterbury, and Otago

New Zealand Rifle Brigade - this Brigade suffered the highest number of casualties in the NZEF during the war

Maoris in the Great War ~ by the foremost Maori historian of his generation, James Cowan

The Machine Gun Corps covering France and Palestine

The histories of the Mounted Rifles of Auckland, Wellington, and Canterbury. The Otago Mounted Rifles served as an infantry unit on Gallipoli and again in France, but no official history was ever written

The Artillery, Engineers, Tunnelling Company, the Signals Corp ("By wires to Victory"), and the Cyclists

Medical Corps is covered in a detailed history, best read in conjunction with the British and Australian Medical histories as there was much common ground.
Areas of Debate ~ considered Official by some, essential by most
There are a number of books considered as essential to an "official collection". These include:

Trench Mortars ~ W E L Napier - the rarest of the NZEF histories, and the most valuable

Hospital ships (three volumes) ~ ed. Lord Liverpool - Govoner General

Records of the NZEF ~ Studholme. This contains invaluable detail particularly referring to awards and honours and details of rank held by all Officers

With the Cameliers in Palestine ~ Robertson

Divisional Entertainers