New Zealand Military Books
Specialists in Great War and World War Two New Zealand Official Histories
Other Official Texts of the NZEF
Prisoners of War, Episodes and Studies (24 publications covering topics not included or not fully described in the other Official histories), Documents vol I-III, Problems of 2 NZEF , Medical Services (four vols.), New Zealand Dental Corps, the Home Front, War Economy, and Politics.

The Third Division served in the Pacific, but the Government did not commission regimental histories. Accordingly, the Third Division Historical Committee published histories of each regiment.

New Zealanders also served with the Fijian forces and with a Pacific Commando unit - the deeds of both are recorded in wonderful histories.

As with the Great War, many Government or semi-official records were published, often during the war. Many are now rare items of great interest to researchers or collectors.
Campaign Histories ~ Army
The Second New Zealand Expeditionary Force saw active service in Europe, the desert, and the Pacific. some of these places were similar to those encountered by the First NZEF.

The Campaign histories are: To Greece, Crete, The Battle for Egypt, The Relief of Tobruk, Alam Halfa and Alemain, Bardia and Enfidaville, Italy vol I & II, and The Pacific.
Regimental, Service, and Unit Histories
The Infantry Battalions: 18 Battalion to 26 Battalion inclusive, the 27 (Machine Gun) Battalion, and the 28 (Maori) Battalion

The Chaplains, Supply Company, Petrol Company, Artillery, Ammunition Company, Reserve Mechanical Transport, Engineers, Divisional Cavalry , and Divisional Signals
The War in the Air and at Sea
The Royal New Zealand Air Force , The New Zealanders with the Royal Air Force vol I-III, and The Royal New Zealand Navy covers the extraordinary work of the many thousands of New Zealanders who served in these two arms of the Forces.